The Climats Beaune

The word “Climats” has been part of the history of the country for several centuries. It means the parcels of vines that are usually bordered by walls. The enchanting names of some Climats of Burgundy vineyards date from the Middle Age: Les Toppes Coiffées, Les Ouches, Les Criots, Les Chaumes, Les Epenots, Les Beaux-Bruns , and Les Charmes-Chambertins, the favorite wine of Napoleon.

On July 4th 2015, the World Heritage Committee added the Climats of Burgundy to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

From our terrace, we were stunned by the panoramic view over the rooftops of Beaune and incredible visual resemblance of the vineyards parcels. They have the same mosaic of colors, same flowing lines, same imperfections … even the chimneys and the windows look like winemakers ‘cabotes’, little cabins that were once used as shelters! All these details are what makes the “Climats of the vineyards of Burgundy”. This definitely convinced us to name our place “La Terrasse des Climats”.